Monteverdi Three Miniatures

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"Monteverdi - 3 Miniatures" was composed for the British Open Youth at the Guild 2015 by Adam Taylor. The piece uses small themes from a variety  of works by Claudio Monteverdi presented in a modern and (hopefully!) suitable  manner for brass band. A few notes on the work:   i)    Tempos may be adapted to suit your interpretation of the music.  ii)   The second miniature features a duet. You will find the parts for        this duet seperate in both Bb and Eb. Please feel free to choose        your own soloists for this section.  iii)  I have included 3 written percussion parts. Please feel free to add        any other suitable percussive sounds if your section is large enough        (tambourines, tenor drums, hand bells etc.), or if limited in numbers,       do not worry about leaving parts out. iv)  Feel free to add any ornamentation you or your players feel suitable and       complimentary to the music.  v)   No sackbut's or Renaissance cornett's allowed.   I very much hope you will enjoy playing this piece, and for those in your ensembles who  have not yet heard the music of  Monteverdi, I hope this piece may serve as a good taster  and a fitting educational tool as a small insight into the music of the late Renaissance/  early Baroque period.